Continuing Education Commitment

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Pro-Art Dental Laboratory is committed to the highest standard of dental technology.  We realized many years ago that this goal could not be achieved without teamwork and continuing education.  To that end, Pro-Art has constructed an in-house seminar facility to accommodate its continuing education seminars as well as meeting facilities for our study groups and affiliates.   

Our seminar facility, which includes a lecture hall as well as a hands-on training area, can accommodate up to 100 dentists.  Our courses are accredited by the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario and the Academy of General Dentistry for continuing education points/hours.

Study Groups
From time to time, Pro-Art organizes and sponsors study groups dealing with a broad range of topics, including Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry. The Toronto Dental Seminars series is an example of the study groups Pro-Art co-sponsors.

Our Track Record

Our seminars are presented by leading and respected clinicians within the dental industry. Previous seminars that have had an overwhelming success are:
 A Clinical Technique for Esthetic Inlays and Onlays
 Dr. Ronald Jackson
 Advanced Esthetic Restorative Dentistry    Dr. Robert L. Nixon
 Essential Concepts in Implant Dentistry  Dr. J. Zosky
 Clinical Aspects of Esthetic Restorative Dentistry  Dr. G.W. Tysowsky
 Dentsply  Dr. A. F. Koranyi
 Techniques for Optimal Esthetics   Dr. Arnold Fleming
 Functional Occlusion  Dr. John C. Kois
 Success with the New Generation of Cosmetic Systems    Dr. John Nasedkin
 Practical Occlusion That Simply Works   Dr. James E. Carlson
 Anterior and Posterior Aesthetic Dentistry  Dr. A. Mancuso
 Keep it simple and smart with the 3 in 1 abutment  Dr. Natalie Wong
 Smile Designs in Aesthetic Dentistry   Dr. Edward Lowe
 Mastering All-Ceramic Restorations  Dr. Edward McLaren
Upcoming CE Events
CE Hands-on Seminar: Essentials for Guided 3D Implantology for the General Practitioner - 13th September 2017
CE Hands-on Seminar: Single and Full Arch Implant Restorations: A Prosthodontic and Surgical Perspective - Detailed Treatment Planning of Single Implant Restorations 26th October 2017
CE Hands-on Seminar: Single and Full Arch Implant Restorations: A Prosthodontic and Surgical Perspective - Restoring Single Implant Restorations - 16th November 2017

Pro-Art Study Group for Advanced Dental Studies

Dental Sleep Medicine Seminars

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