Pro-Art Veneers and All-Ceramic Crowns

Specializing in dental aesthetic makeovers and full mouth reconstructions, Pro-Art Dental Laboratory is equipped with the newest technology and sophisticated cosmetic dentistry systems including Veneers, Implants and all-ceramic Restorations, using only holistic materials. Patient comfort, satisfaction, and compatibility are the main focus of our work.

Pro-Art boasts an impressive cosmetic dentistry department and specializes in treatment planning for full-mouth reconstructions. Our team possesses the expertise and the knowledge to complete any prescription.

The advent of computer-aided design/computer-assisted machining (CAD/CAM Technology) now enables our technicians to mill high-strength materials that provide the combined advantages of strength and esthetics. These substructures can then be layered with our ceramist’s artistic skills, rendering a durable, esthetic restoration for your patients. Where the dental profession was once limited to metal-ceramic restorative options, recent innovations in material science and laboratory fabrication techniques now enable us to achieve superlative results that continue to exceed your patients’ aesthetic expectations. Pro-Art has always been in the forefront of technology. Accordingly, we are able to offer you the latest in CAD/CAM restorations including Procera, Lava, Invizion and IPS emax.

Pro-Art Veneers

Do you ever wonder about the difference a nicer-looking, healthier smile could make in the life of your patient? Have you thought about what it would take to provide a smile makeover, or what a smile makeover could actually do? Pro-Art Veneers are the solution.

The training and experience our technicians have allowed them to design and sculpt each individual smile, complementing the face and look of the person - with translucency, delicate shape, and layered mammelons.  

For your minimal preparation / heavily stained cases, our Fortress Mirage or Creation Veneers will impart beauty to the smile. With the IPS Empress Esthetic, Pro-Art can create pressed and layered veneers that mimic the beauty of natural teeth and conserve valuable tooth structure. Now, with the introduction of IPS e.max HT (High Translucency), we are able create minimally invasive veneers pressed as thin as 0.3 mm. No matter what the system used, Pro-Art Veneers are created using the layering technique.

We would like to work for you and make every case a showcase, satisfying you and your patients; thus ensuring additional referrals for your practice.

Kindly review the individual systems to see the different options Pro-Art provides to restore your valuable client’s smile.


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