There has been a dramatic shift in occlusal philosophy in the treatment of cranial facial pain, TMD, and jaw orthopedics.  Pro-Art has always maintained its position on the leading edge of emerging dental technologies.  We support you by mounting your cases on the Accu-Liner instrument, and by providing a range of diagnostic and treatment appliances.

Diagnostic Appliances

  • Carlson Diagnostic Appliance
  • Soft Pivot Appliance

Treatment Appliances

  • ALF Twin Block Appliance
  • Thong Appliance
  • King Thong Appliance
  • King Thong Crystabol Process
  • Overlay Orthotic Crystabol Process
  • Eclipse Orthotic
  • Thermoflex Orthotic

LVI Certified Technicians

Pro-Art LVI trained and certified technicians design and sculpt each individual smile, complementing the face and look of the person - with translucency, delicate shape, and layered memalons.

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