Removable Prosthodontics

Not all patients can afford to proceed with Implant restorations or cosmetic makeovers, That’s where removable prosthesis come to the rescue. For full dentures, systems like the BPS Ivocap, Eclispe, Enigma will make the edentulous smile again.

Our Prime Dentures, following the neuromuscular principles, ensures balanced occlusion every time. Our Cast Partials in Vitallium or Titanium and advanced systems like Valplast, Thermoflex or Flexite provide your patients with esthetically pleasing, strong options

Using the same procedures of treatment planning & designing, your patients can be offered confidence building smiles using removable dentures in combo cases with crown & bridge milled with attachments to accept removable prosthetics.

Accurate shade selection can be carried out to match the crowns with the partial dentures. This will assist you to give pleasing esthetic results, boosting the confidence of your patients to enjoy life to the fullest.

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