Predictability and Control

One of the most important phases for the success of any case is treatment planning. Our treatment plans will help you visualize the end result before actually beginning the process. No room is left for guesswork. But, most importantly, it allows you to sequence treatment in a way that is workable for you and your patient. Some patients can proceed with all treatment immediately or, as the situation demands, over a period of time; sometimes even years.  Our treatment plans make this sequencing possible and most importantly, with no compromise of the end result.

The cases could be your Cosmetic, Crown & Bridge, Implant, Removable or Combination

All smiles designed at Pro-Art follow the guidelines of the Golden Rule proportion to achieve balanced occlusion. We can analyze the occlusion, provide aesthetic full mouth wax-ups, teeth set-ups, Siltek for temporaries, preparation guides, etc. – everything you need to assist you to
achieve predictable, aesthetically functional results every single time.

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  Pro-Art Provides:
  • Digital Photography
  • Digital Imaing - Before & After Simulations
  • Case Planning (including Wax-Ups)
  • Bonding Procedure/Insertion Guides
  • Preparation Guides
  • Technicians Trained by Ceramist Lee Culp, CDT
  • Extended Service Hours

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Digital Imaging - Before & After Simulations

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