Implant Prosthetics

Integrated treatment plans for cosmetic and implant restorations will achieve radiant smiles for your patients.  Pro-Art has the knowledge, experience and technology to support you in every step of treatment:

  • Pre-prosthetic planning
  • Restorative options
  • Procedures for final restorations

Regardless of how difficult your case may be, with proper planning and teamwork we can work together to achieve the desired results for your patients. Let Pro-Art be your partner in achieving optimal function and aesthetics for your restorations.



  • Custom abutments with the alloy of your choice
  • CAD/CAM abutments in zirconia, titanium or gold hue

Crown & Bridge


Full-Arch Restorations




Fixed Detachables





For large bridges and implants

Prettau® Zirconia enables full zirconia restorations with high biocompatibility for large bridges and implants.

The Prettau® Zirconia process includes a plastic prototype, increasing control and predictability as occlusion and esthetics can be tested on the patient before the final model is created.