Digital imaging is at the forefront of cosmetic dentistry. Before & After simulations are the ultimate communication tool between doctor and patient, greatly enhancing case acceptance. These simulations are a visualization of what can be done to improve the patient's smile and self confidence.




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Treatment Planning & Occlusal Management

Pro-Art’s strengths are case planning and occlusal management. We work with our clients to visualize the final result before starting the procedure. Predictability and control are our objectives.

Any case crown & bridge, combination case, cosmetic and implants will only be successful with proper step by step treatment planning.

All smile designs at Pro-Art follow the guidelines of the Golden Rule proportion to achieve balanced occlusion. We can analyze the occlusion, provide aesthetic full mouth wax-ups, teeth set-up, Siltek for temporaries, preparation guides, etc. everything you need to assist you to achieve predictable, aesthetically functional results every single time.

Regardless of how difficult your case may be, with proper planning, communication and team work, we can achieve the desired results for your patients.  


Pro-Art has the knowledge, experience and technology to support you through every step of the treatment:

  • Pre-Prosthetic Planning
  • Restorative Option
  • Procedure for final restorations


We can work with you in synchronizing the prosthetic plan with your surgical plan by using impression models and CBCT Scan. We can then 3D print surgical guide that can help with the implant placement.

As implant placement is guided, we can also provide the temporary restoration on the day of the surgery along with the surgical guide.

With teamwork and case planning we can achieve a predictable final outcome for the satisfaction of the dentists and their patients.