Oral appliances are a front-line treatment for snoring and mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea. This small plastic device fits in the mouth during sleep like a sports mouth guard or orthodontic retainer. Oral appliances help prevent the collapse of the tongue and soft tissues in the back of the throat, keeping the airway open during sleep and promoting adequate air intake. Oral appliances may be used alone or in combination with other treatments for sleep-related breathing disorders, such as weight management, surgery or CPAP. Pro-Art offers a full range of anti-snoring, sleep apnea treatment appliances.



Main Features
  • Upper and lower splints with soft inner liner for comfort and retention and acrylic outer shield.
  • Lower splint has two fins that contact two inclines built in the upper splint on the labial side determining the position of the mandible.
  • Upper splint has two screws for very easy adjustment of the inclines if more protrusion is necessary for a customized treatment.
  • The acrylic fins are reinforced with wire and there is no anterior contact between the splints in the front to allow oral breathing.
  • Features a sliding mechanism in the upper splint that improves resistance to breakage.
  • Mandible can slightly move laterally



Key Advantages
  • Highly efficient in keeping the mandible protruded opening the airway
  • The Nasal dilation buttons improve nasal breathing function by dilating the nostrils.
  • The lingual tongue buttons train the tongue to get a more forward position
  • Easy adjustment chairside with a wrench provided with the appliances



Key Advantages
  • It is an inexpensive solution
  • It is a good option in those cases where Doctors or patients prefer a single piece device.
  • It allows oral breathing
  • A specific cleansing solution is provided with the appliance



Main Features
  • Upper and lower splints, made with stainless steel wire and orthodontic acrylic.
  • Both splints have posterior pads that engage each other by contacting their inclines. When the mandible approaches the upper arch, it reaches a more protruded position.
  • As these appliances were originally orthodontic, different orthodontic features (springs, screw for transversal development of the upper arch, labial bows) can be added as well as different colors and patterns in the acrylic.
  • They look more like two retainers with posterior pads. They are very comfortable.


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